Diseños creativos de empaque

Colección de empaques realizada por www.cruzine.com para inspirarse.

Kohberg by Envision


AROXA by Kinneir Dufort


Nectar Honey Beer by Kaleidoscope

Nectar Honey Beer

Choc NPD by BrandOpus

Choc NPD

Student Spotlight: Madhukura Premium Honey by Xiao Qing Chen

Student Spotlight: Madhukura Premium Honey

CD Packaging: Forrest Day by Forrest Day

CD Packaging: Forrest Day

JC Dark Lager by Tomatdesign

JC Dark Lager

Moët & Chandon: Message On A Bottle by Alessio Krauss + BloomRoom

Moët & Chandon: Message On A Bottle

Stella McCartney, Print Collection by unknown

Stella McCartney, Print Collection

Waitrose: Good to Go by Turner Duckworth

Waitrose: Good to Go

Mac’s Brewery by Shine

Mac's Brewery

TRUE air fresheners by GOOD agency

TRUE air fresheners

Pfeffersack & Soehne by unknown

Pfeffersack & Soehne

Zen Perfume by GOOD

Zen Perfume

Bespoke Foods Extra Virgin Olive Oil by unknown

Bespoke Foods Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Student Spotlight: The Original PepperMint by Cory Etzkorn

Student Spotlight: The Original PepperMint

Houdini’s Shop of Magic Tricks Shopping Bag by Gretchen Braun

Houdini's Shop of Magic Tricks Shopping Bag

Clever Japanese Cookie Packaging by quipsologies

Clever Japanese Cookie Packaging

Student Spotlight: Ritual by Ani Bijoyan

Student Spotlight: Ritual

Rezept-Destillate by Thomas Lehner


Student Spotlight: Smart Hair Mask by Kudryavtseva Oksan

Student Spotlight: Smart Hair Mask

Student Spotlight: Sergey Grigoryan by Sergey Grigoryan

Student Spotlight: Sergey Grigoryan

Student Spotlight: Market Grown by Catalina Rozo & Melissa Clinard

Student Spotlight: Market Grown

Disney / Method Soap by method

Disney / Method Soap

Smirnoff Caipiroska Peelable Bottle by JWT

Smirnoff Caipiroska Peelable Bottle

Smirnoff Caipiroska Peelable Bottle

Word Puzzle Universal Wrapping Paper by Fabio Milito, Francesca Guidotti

Word Puzzle Universal Wrapping Paper

This is the Bees Knees! by Terence Kitching

This is the Bees Knees!

The Natural Confectionery Company by Pearlfisher

The Natural Confectionery Company

Peeze Coffee by Sogood

Peeze Coffee

Before & After: KAKA Caramel Corn by Prompt Design

Before & After: KAKA Caramel Corn

Mi Happy Panettone by Series Nemo

Mi Happy Panettone

More Berry+ by The Moderns

More Berry+

Student Spotlight: OLLIE by Alexandr Chernov

Student Spotlight: OLLIE

Crumpled City by Alvvino

Crumpled City

Crumpled City

Paul & Joe Lipstick by Paul & Joe

Paul & Joe Lipstick

Chopin Vodka + Chiller by www.cslashc.com

Chopin Vodka + Chiller

Student Spotlight: Kleenex Kids by John Molesworth

Student Spotlight: Kleenex Kids

Student Spotlight: Fuego by Stephanie Hughes

Student Spotlight: Fuego

Hot Dog by Subconscious

Hot Dog

Fazer Vilpuri by Hasan & Partners

Fazer Vilpuri


Fazer Vilpuri


Levelus Eau de Toilette by unknown

Levelus Eau de Toilette

321 Water by unknown

321 Water

Pandora Bell by Studio Output

Pandora Bell

Pandora Bell

Scanwood by Mads Jakob Poulsen


5 Minute Candle by Poketo

5 Minute Candle

Rellana Wool by Ogilvy

Rellana Wool

Lucky Cat Candy Packet by unknown

Lucky Cat Candy Packet

Student Spotlight: Yummy Ice Cream by Joao Ricardo Machado

Student Spotlight: Yummy Ice Cream

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